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Magnetic Dipstick - Anodized
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Genexhaust Magnetic Dipstick – GE-35 – will fit Champion

Along with exhaust extensions, top of the line magnetic dipsticks are offered that will fit Champion model generators listed below. Oil change tubes are not available at this time to fit any of the models listed below. During normal operation of a generator, fine metal shavings will develop in the oil thus causing significant engine wear. Our highly magnetic dipsticks are very effective at collecting these metal shavings; thus greatly reducing wear and tear on the engine.

These Magnetic Dipsticks are available in two options; anodized and non-anodized. Non-anodized dipsticks are made of aluminum, whereas anodized versions are also aluminum, but go through a coating process that ensures that they will never seize to the aluminum block of the engine. This is especially helpful in marine environments and saltwater environments. The anodized dipsticks have a color anodized finish; the color depends on the model.

You can verify that the GE-35 model Magnetic Dipstick will fit your generator by entering your generator model in the search bar for the table at the bottom of this page. Once you have entered your model number, you will be able to verify that the GE-35 Magnetic Dipstick will fit it. If viewing on a smartphone, you may need to put your finger on the search results and slide to the left to see all of the table columns.

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Dipstick Part #
Magnetic Dipstick
Part #
Oil Change
Tube Part #
Oil Drain
Tube Part #
Champion 100233 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 100261 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 100262 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 100263 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 100264 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 100269 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 100396 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 100476 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 100477 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 100523 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 75531i 83.031000.01 GE-35
Champion 75537i 83.031000.01 GE-35