Genexhaust Magnetic Dipstick - GE-136 with shavings
Genexhaust Oil Change Tube and Magnetic Dipstick
Genexhaust Magnetic Dipstick - GE-136 with shavings
Genexhaust Oil Change Tube and Magnetic Dipstick

Genexhaust Magnetic Dipstick – GE-136 – Oil Change Tube – GE-25 – will fit Champion

This dipstick is designed to replace ONLY original part numbers: 15010-Z010130-Q200 or 100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve) - please verify this number matches the number in your operators manual. If the dipstick number in your owners manual does not match this number this dipstick will not fit your generator.

Why should I consider a magnetic dipstick over the stock dipstick? Like the magnet on the drain plug of several models of automobiles, a magnetic dipstick will pull any ferrous metallic fines from normal engine use that are in the oil. Since these small engines do not have an oil filter, this will help extend the life of the engine. This will help protect your investment while maintaining the functionality. The high temperature super magnet is partially recessed inside the dipstick and secured with an oil tolerant, high strength (4500 PSI), high temperature retaining compound. There are other versions of magnetic dipsticks, why should you consider this version?

Although the basic principle is the same as others, there are improvements that make this design better:

1. A hexagonal body vs. round body Why is this version hexagonal instead of round? A round piece is difficult to grip, especially when any oil gets on it. A knurled surface is difficult to clean. A hex allows for easier gripping with fingers (or if needed, a wrench). The flat surfaces are also easy to clean.

2. Type 2 anodization vs. bare aluminum Why is this version anodized? Type 2 Anodization will greatly reduce or eliminate the chance of the threads galling or freezing together (versus bare aluminum), allowing for trouble free and damage free removal. The durable yellow color signifies use with the unit and also protects the aluminum.

3. A flat O-ring vs. round O-ring Why is a flat O-ring used? Just as supplied with the OEM dipstick, a flat O-ring is supplied for better sealing and longer life. The dipstick is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum to high quality standards.

You can verify that the GE-136 model Magnetic Dipstick and GE-25 Oil Change Tube will fit your generator by entering your generator model in the search bar for the table at the bottom of this page. If you see your model listed, these parts will fit it. If viewing on a smartphone, you may need to put your finger on the search results and slide to the left to see all of the table columns.
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Generator MakeGenerator ModelManufacturer
Dipstick Part #
Magnetic Dipstick
Part #
Oil Change
Tube Part #
Oil Drain
Tube Part #
Champion100892100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve)GE-136GE-25
Champion200913100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve)GE-136GE-25
Champion200914100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve)GE-136GE-25
Champion200954100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve)GE-136GE-25
Champion200955100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve) GE-136GE-25
Champion200977100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve)GE-136GE-25
Champion200978100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve)GE-136GE-25
Champion201049100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve)GE-136GE-25
Champion201054100152738-0001 (requires removal of plastic sleeve)GE-136GE-25